Anna got in touch looking for a fresher, more professional look for her book blog. Previously hosted on, I suggested moving to a self hosted WordPress installation, to be able to fully take advantage of the plugins available.

We worked together to find a theme that would suit Anna’s needs, discussing ideas over Skype and email. Roxelena is one of the first personal sites that I’ve redesigned and it was a pleasure to work with Anna, I’m really happy with the finished product!

Launch Date: November 2014

  • Client: Anna Ward
  • Start Date: November, 2014
  • Services: Wordpress install, website design
  • URL:

Sarah was very proactive and fun to work with. I felt she was really engaged during the whole process and we had some very useful in-depth discussion on Skype and over email about redesigning my website. I also really appreciated the fact that Sarah took the editorial content into consideration as well as the design and offered me some well thought through advice for both areas.

Anna Ward, Roxelana