Let’s be up front – I do not work for free. Neither should you! The figure I charge depends on the amount of work and how long it takes, but if you’re looking for a ball-park figure, see below.

I always try and meet my clients before taking on our work, to discuss needs and pricing, and will happily give you a quote before any work begins.

I offer three main deals: A full site redesign, two maintenance packages and my standard hourly rate.

I’ll install WordPress on your own domain with a theme of your choice, or set you up with a WordPress.com site for your business. This includes:

  • Transferring content
  • Sourcing a suitable theme
  • Domain registration and transfer, if required
  • Advising you on the best plugins
  • Customising your theme and
  • A written handover, plus a face to face handover if possible

Want to see examples of my work? Check out my portfolio

A lot of people don’t have the time to look after the niggly aspects of running a website, I get that. If you’ve had your website designed by someone else, or even designed it yourself but don’t want to deal with the day to day aspects of running it, I can maintain it for you. For £16.66* a month you’ll receive:

  • 6 hours of tech and design support over the year i.e. if you want to change anything on your site, you can use that time to do it
  • Spam comment management
  • Plugin updates
  • WordPress updates

If you want more design work over the year after your 6 hours are up it’ll be charged at my hourly rate of £30.

*Please note, if you would rather pay monthly the cost is £20 per month, working out to £240 in total per year.

Installing updates is really important to ensure the security of your site remains protected and trouble free. With the Maintenance Lite contract I will take on the responsibility of ensuring the backend of your site stays up to date.

You get the peace of mind that your WordPress install isn’t outdated and making you vulnerable to hacks and bots. For £6.25 a month I will:

  • Install all available WordPress updates
  • Install all available plugin updates
  • Install all available theme updates
  • Create quarterly backups of your site + an immediate backup before any big update is installed

Need to make some small changes to your site, or just want something a bit more bespoke? No worries! You can book me at my hourly rate. We can meet beforehand, free of charge, to come up with a work plan (I’ll even buy you a coffee and a cake ;) ), or we can Skype or chat on the phone.