Sometimes you have questions but you don’t have time to email them. It’s okay, I understand, everyone is busy, right? Lucky for you I’ve put together this little FAQ to try to provide as much information as possible about my work and processes :)


Web Design & Maintenance

Do you create bespoke themes?

Not yet! I’m still learning how to code bespoke themes. But, I promise I’m competent in HTML & CSS and I can customise and modifying existing WordPress themes to suit your needs. The plus side is that my rates are cheaper than your average agency because I’m not spending lots of hours creating a site from scratch for you. Whoo!

Are there any additional costs?

You’ll need to pay for hosting and a URL if you don’t already have them, plus the cost of the theme that you choose (if it’s not free) and any premium plugins. Most people, however, find that the costs are pretty minimal :) If you’re looking for a hosting provider I wholeheartedly recommend Raid Host – their customer service is great and they’re really nice people to boot. Which is always nice.

How long will it take?

It’ll depend on how complex your needs are, but generally I try to work to a 6-8 week schedule for a full design.

I already have a site but I want to make changes to it. Can you do that?

Sure! You don’t have to hire me for a full site redesign if you don’t want to. You can hire me at my hourly rate (£25 per hour) to make tweaks and changes to your existing WordPress site.

Will you set me up a site on Wix/Weebly/etc..?

I work exclusively in WordPress so the answer to that would be no, sorry!

Will you teach me how to use WordPress?

Yes! :) I firmly believe in the power of teaching people rather than doing it for them, so I’ll happily give you a tutorial on the basics and I’m always available via email if you have any questions or problems.


General Questions

When do I need to pay?

For websites I charge 50% up front as a deposit, the remaining 50% is due on completion of the site. For everything else I request payment after the work has been completed.

How do I pay?

I accept payment via bank transfer. Occasionally I’ll take cheques but I’d prefer not to where possible! :)

If you have a question I haven’t answered just pop on over to my contact page and drop me a line! I’m very friendly, I promise ;)