She Cooks, She Eats

Amy and I have known each other for a long time – we first met on Flickr about 6 years ago! – so I was really honoured when she asked for my help in updating the look and feel of her website.

Her main criteria was a cleaner look, with a focus on responsive design. Her previous layout didn’t look great on mobiles and tablets but a lot of her traffic comes from people browsing on those devices, so I went for a theme that looked great on smaller screens.

In addition to that, Amy wanted a layout that was able to showcase her 500+ posts better – I think we achieved it! :)

Launch Date: January 2015

When I approached Sarah I knew what I wanted the site to look like but had no idea how to create that for myself. Sarah immediately understood what I was looking for and quickly found a template that would suit what I wanted to do. She then installed it and customised it so that it was absolutely perfect. Throughout she was kind and helpful, responding quickly to emails/requests and going as far as helping me choose colours and graphics. The quality of her work is high and working with her is an absolute pleasure. I would recommend Sarah to anyone!

Amy Jones, She Cooks, She Eats